Friday, August 27, 2010

North Fork Mountain Trail - IMBA Epic Ride

Not only is the North Fork Trail an incredible riding experience. The trail itself has it all, fast twisty flowy singletrack, rocky bits, and long fun downhills. In addition to this amazing trail experience, the views off of the ridge are extraordinary! In the picture above riders are sitting on one of dozens of rock outcroppings looking at Germany Valley below. Off in the distance is the Dolly Sods and beyond that (beyond the picture) is Canaan Valley. The Dolly Sods North and South are already designated Wilderness. From these rock outcroppings you can see houses and cars as they move along route 55/28 down below. From these rock outcroppings you can look South East all the way back to High Knob on top of Shenandoah Mountain where 33 crosses.

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