Friday, September 24, 2010

North Fork Mountain Wilderness Awareness Ride Dates

Mark the Calendars!
Ride dates are as follows:
Sunday October 3rd
Sunday October 17th

Departing at 10am SHARP!

These rides will showcase the amazing views and trails on the North Fork Mountain in West Virginia. We plan on documenting these rides so as to showcase the amazing mountain bike opportunities in this area and to further promote this IMBA Epic trail. Wilderness threats to this iconic ridge ride will likely continue into the future. We need to better document mountain bike use and insist that mountain biking and conservation of public lands are compatible.

Rides will leave from the Redman Run Trail parking lot, please refer to one of the previous posts which includes a Google map of the ride and points out the parking area. The detailed maps of the area are also linked from the post.


  1. How many miles will this ride be?

  2. 4-6 hours with stops. Don't get too hung up on the miles...