Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preserve Bicycle Access to IMBA Epic Ride - North Fork Mountain Trail, WV - Oct 17th

Come out for a weekend of Backcountry Mountain Biking in West Virginia.
Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club join forces to preserve access to human powered recreation on West Virginia's North Fork Mountain Trail. A Pending Wilderness designation could fragment this trail system and keep trail users from adequately maintaining the system for future generations to enjoy. Info about the bill can be found HERE.

The MAIN Event is Sunday Oct 17
Sunday Oct 17th - Wild Ride on North Fork Mountain Trail
10 AM riding from Redman Run Trailhead parking lot

Oct. 16-17 Full Weekend Schedule and additional details

Saturday Oct 16th - Spruce Knob/Seneca Creek IMBA Epic Ride
9:30 AM meeting
10:00 AM departing the parking lot of the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center, by vehicle driving to Spruce Knob. Its about a 2 hr climb by bicycle to the parking lot at Spruce Knob if you wanted to ride up.
11:00 AM relaxing departure bicycling from Spruce Knob into Seneca Creek Potential Wilderness Area. Choices are to ride a loop back to your car at the Knob or finish by descending Alleghany Mtn. Trail to Rt. 33 and riding 5 miles on the road to the visitor center. Followed by a car retrieval mission pre party. Maps will be available.

North Fork Wilderness Awareness Ride Pre-Party
7 PM- 9:30 Gendarme/ Harpers Front Porch Restaurant - Seneca Rocks, WV

IMBA is hosting a pre-party at the iconic Gendarme-Seneca Rocks Climbing School as part of their Public Lands Initiative campaign to protect mountain bike access to the North Fork Mountain in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia. This gathering will include a slideshow of the amazing bicycle riding in the Spruce Knob/ Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area along with beverages, food, and light discussion about Wilderness and what can be done to protect our favorite trails so that they remain open to bicycle access.

Please come out to this Wilderness awareness talk to hear from long time IMBA supporters and learn more about IMBA's Public Lands Initiative as well as the legislative status of the North Fork Wilderness Bill in Congress. You can track the Bill here -

These rides will showcase the amazing views and trails in West Virginia's Spruce Knob/ Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area. We need bicyclists to document these wild rides so as to showcase the remote mountain bike opportunities in this area and to further promote these IMBA Epic trails. Wilderness threats to these iconic rides will likely continue into the future. We need to better document mountain bike use and insist that mountain biking and conservation of public lands are compatible.

Sunday Oct. 17th - Save Access to North Fork Mountain Trail IMBA Wild Ride

9:30 AM meet at Redman Run Parking lot
10 AM riding Redman Run Trail to North Fork Mountain Trail and back around to parking lot

This IMBA Epic ride is far too incredible of an experience for low impact-human powered recreation, like bicycles to be banned. Furthermore, the area already enjoys a higher level of protection than the rest of the National Forest due to the National Recreation Area designation.

Again, Sunday’s main event ride will leave from the Redman Run Trail parking lot at 10:00 AM. Bring your camera and be prepared to experience surreal solitude as you ride your bicycle into a truly amazing wild and remote area. Please refer go HERE and click on the "B" on the map to get directions via Google maps to the Redman Run parking area.

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  1. are there any rides past this weekend planned or in the works?