Thursday, October 7, 2010

West Virginia Press and Contact the Forest Service

Here is a story written by Michael Gray published in the the WV Highlands Conservancy newsletter "The Highlands Voice" its basically anti-wilderness about North Fork from a hiker/climber.
Word on the street is that it enraged Mollohan's office and gave him more of a desire to push harder for Wilderness

here is the rebuttle from Mike Costello released a few days ago

From the Highlands Voice:
"Contrary to the misguided claims of some wilderness
opponents, the Monongahela Conservation Legacy Act represents a
solid legislative proposal. In a recent hearing before a congressional
subcommittee, supportive testimony was provided by the West
Virginia Council of Churches, conservationists, sportsmen and local
business owners. The Forest Service testified that the agency does
not oppose the legislation, which was drafted with various user
groups and managing agencies in mind."

Ouch...Forest Service does not necessarily support but based on Testimony to Congress does not really oppose. They only pointed out that the only major change in management would concern a prohibition on mountain biking.

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